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Web Site Design

Our core business is creating effective web sites for our clients.  Our services are all inclusive; we can handle every step of the process from securing a domain name, to coming up with a stunning graphic design, crafting a memorable logo, writing the content, shooting breathtaking photography, and promoting the new site on the web.  We have over 10 years of experience and hundreds of successful web sites under our belt, so you can be confident that what we build will work for you.


Design is one of the most vital aspects of a web development project.  Since most web visitors make a decision in the first seven seconds to stay on your site or visit another, it is important to present the best possible image.  We believe that good design should enhance the distinctive message of your site, while not detracting from the site’s usability.
We begin the design process by learning about the mission, vision, and unique characteristics of your web site.  We will use this information to create a distinctive design that conveys these elements to your target audience.  After the design has been approved by you, we will apply the site design to the Empower web site management system.

Our designers are some of the best in the industry.  We understand how web site visitors interact with your site and will create a design that is as functional and flexible as it is stunning.  Before the site is launched we will test your site in all major browsers to ensure that web site visitors see the site exactly as it is intended to be seen.

Empower/DotNetNuke Web Site Management System

The Empower/DotNetNuke system allows our clients to update the content of their web sites using a simple web browser such as Internet Explorer.  It requires no web development skills and is similar to creating and editing a document in Microsoft Word.  With the Empower/DotNetNuke system, our clients are never limited to a certain number of pages or type of content.  Our standard system allows site administrators to add links, images, movies, discussion boards, audio clips, surveys, interactive forms, and many other types of content.  We are constantly adding new functionality to the system, so if you have something you would like to do with your Empower/DotNetNuke site that is not currently offered, we can probably build it for you.  The bottom line is that Empower/DotNetNuke can grow with you and will never limit what you can do with your web site.  Empower/DotNetNuke puts you in control of your web site.